Our services

We also offer to customize software specification, design and development of a variety of topics and technologies, their subsequent operation and further development. We create programs for Windows, platform independent and web applications using the latest technologies, and a variety of databases in the background. We also undertake a variety of electronics design and manufacture.

We assess specific needs, give price quotation for the task, and develop the required software, system software or electronics.

  • Resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Logistic systems
  • Business systems
  • Hardware control, communication
  • Other individual developments
  • Oracle,
  • MS-SQL,
  • MySql,
  • Firebird
  • Circuits,
  • Programmable electronics,
  • Equipments,
  • Management tools,
  • Windows (Win32, .NET),
  • Internet (ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Javascript),
  • Database (Oracle, MS-SQL, MySql, PostgreSql),
  • Communication (RS232, SMS).