Welcome to our software developer company

Our firm, Bit Team Ltd. helps to develop enterprise applications and systems. Our main profile is the design and development of software by special requirements of the customer, project management and support. We can offer specialists for these tasks. We have many experiences in international projects.

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  • ERP systems
  • Logistic systems
  • Business systems
  • Hardware control, communication
  • Other individual developments
  • Oracle,
  • MS-SQL,
  • MySql,
  • PostgreSql,
  • Firebird
  • Circuits,
  • Programmable electronics,
  • Equipments,
  • Management tools,
  • Windows (Win32, .NET),
  • Internet (ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Javascript),
  • Database (Oracle, MS-SQL, MySql, PostgreSql),
  • Communication (RS232, SMS).