Project experiences


Daimler Chrysler - Aerospace Airbus (DASA) (Germany)
Development of the production control system of 3 production halls (painting, chemical, galvanic works) of Airbus production.
Herlitz Inc. (Germany)
Development of the production Control System of the Picture Postcard Department
Siemens (Germany)
Development of a real-time monitoring system for chip production plant in Taiwan.


Frequentis Inc. (Austria)
Development of the air traffic control system smartAIM.
Rail Cargo Hungary (Hungary)
Development of Railwayspeditionssystem.

Communikation, Telecommunikation

MÁV Inc. (Hungary)
Development of the communicationsmodul in MÁV dispatcher system, security audit of the whole system.
Ericsson (Austria)
Project Via Donau.Development of shipping systems for the whole Austrian part of Danube.
Ericsson (Ungarn)
Analyse of cooperation of systems Ericsson GGSN and Alcatel-Lucent, development of system GGSN.
Ericsson (Slowakei, Schweden, Norwegen)
Planning and development of border's security system.
T-Systems (Ungarn)
More projects: planning and development of T-Com's customer data base. Development of internal informationportal for T-Com in Germany. Development of ZED, the first mobile service system. Planning of business core, DB's communication channels and localized GUI.


Kirchdorfer Industries (Österreich)
Develpment of the ERP System of Katzenberger Betonwerke.


BISZ Central Creditinformation AG (Hungary)
Development of client program of the Hungarian national debtor register system called „BAR".
CIB Bank, K&H Bank, Citibank (Hungary)
Development of a financial planning and controlling software and account reconciliation.


Poppe & Potthof (Hungary)
Planning, development of a logistic system.
Michael Huber München GmbH (Germany)
Development of control software for Siemens automatic store of chemical materials and planning, development of a logistic system.

Computer games

Gamicron Ltd. (England)
Development of the online casino game Bingo.

Health care, research

University for Agronomics Gödöllo (Hungary)
Planning and development of image analyser software for measuring of growth of fishes and measuring their degeneration by toxic materials (research in medicinal chemistry and environmentalism) with form recognition and colour analysing. Module for searching for carcinous cells on microscope made pictures.
University Wienna (Austria)
Planning and development of colour analyser software for analysing of microscopic sections.
SoftMED (Austria)
Controlling of Biofeedback hardware, developing of software for medical treatment.

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