Our company specialized according to develop individual software, software systems and carry out projects using the latest development's technology.

Our professionals many years of programming experience in enterprise resource planning systems, logistics systems, management systems, business workflow automation, hardware control, and a variety of electronics design and manufacturing.

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About us

My name is Zsolt Kovacs, I am Inc owner and lead programmer of the Bit Team, many years of experience in system analysis, system design, programming and system structure of the field.

I am a programmer since 1995 and during this time I was lucky to work for companies like in Germany, Infineon Technologies, Siemens, Daimler Chrysler - Aerospace Airbus (DASA), Herlitz, MHM, Austria Betonwerke Katzenberger, Hungary Interbank Informatics Association (BIS), several Hungarian banks. Topics that were primarily corporate (enterprise resource planning, logistics, production management, management) and i had banking projects.

1995-2002-until I programmed self-employed, from 2003 to 2009 as a member of a programming team continued work. My company, the Bit Team Ltd was founded in 2008 at the end of custom software development and software systems.

We have high quality of software and the source code level, both technologically and in the user interface. We ensures you using the latest technology and trained professionals / partners in cooperation.

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Individual developments?

Nowadays, many companies are turning towards specific solutions.

What are the benefits of these unique softwares?

The company's unique solutions are precisely the workflow cover, as you formulate the task to be undertaken.

The unique features of the software include but are actually used.

A software development company is always available for further development software, new features are needed quickly to program, the changes and developments in technology can also track quickly.

The custom software developed by our high quality and user-friendly.